Research Synthesis Design Solution
Initial Ideas/Sketches 03


03 Initial Ideas/Sketches

From our initial identified needs, we moved onto developing some initial ideas and sketches. While brainstorming ideas, we also came across some ideas and issues revolving around the interaction and technology behind the player.


Emotional Connection:

  • Parent's love and care for their kids
  • Support parent's need for relaxation and alone time from kids (relief, relaxation, escape)
  • Integration with the car
  • How do we address integration w/ mobile player? (is it going to be a fixed player?)
  • How do we control zones of listening environment?

Brainstorm Ideas

  • Centralized storage of music (voice activated, biometric)
  • Coasters on top of the living room table
  • Objects such as coffee cups can be associated w/ music (key/wallet can trigger the home system to play something)
  • Integration with cell phones (the system can be aware of cell phones in the area)
  • Mirror based music player
  • "Write board" that recognizes drawings to play different playlists
  • Game based earning of songs
  • Context aware music player
    - if kid is dressed as spider-man, the spider-man theme song plays
    - can incorporate a voting system that takes an aggregate of the family's preferences
    - different preferences/playlists in different areas
  • Music Bowl
    - objects are associated w/ songs and playlists
    - music plays based on the aggregate of object in the bowl


The following are explorations of initial ideas

1 Device - Multiple Interfaces

Music Frame

Music Table



Cornwell . Su . Treichler . IID 2006 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University

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