Research Synthesis Design Solution
Identified Needs 02


02 Identified Needs

We identified a series of needs, for parents, children, and the combination, that our subjects expressed during our observation sessions.

Escapism Parents sometimes need a break from parenting, a few minutes here and there to recharge.
Ease of Use Kids should be able to select and play music without requiring their parents' assistance
Community When the family is all together, they should be able to listen to music that everyone likes
Tangibility Kids need to be able to touch their music
Disposability Losing or misplacing an object shouldn't result in the loss of the music affiliated with it
Flexibility Parents and children need different types of devices and interactions
Affordability Parents don't have huge amounts of disposable income for luxury items, such as music players
Ambience Music is often used as background, and should be practically invisible while supporting activities


"Music is usually just part of the background."

  • Kids can damage their parents' CDs or music players
  • Listening to music is often a shared activity
  • Parents like to expose their children to new music

Cornwell . Su . Treichler . IID 2006 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University

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