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Video Sketch 02


02 Video Sketch

We created a video sketch showing the three main contexts of use for the PlayPad: children at play, parents without children, and the whole family together. Each of these contexts requires different functionality of the PlayPad, and all are showcased here.

Children At Play

Children don't sit and listen to music at home. Listening to music is a passive act, something that occurs while they play, draw, or do chores. The children in our video are playing super heroes, so they use a costume accessory, BatMan's batarang, to activate the PlayPad. This token starts the BatMan playlist, and plays various themes from the movies. With this playing in the background, the children immerse themselves in their imaginary world.

Parents Without Children

During those rare times when parents can listen to their own music, without worrying about pleasing or protecting their children, they want music that is theirs. The father in our video is cooking dinner, and after listening to his sons' music on the drive home, he's ready for some real music. Using the menu system, he scrolls through his music collection and selects something satisfying.

The Family, Together

When a family gets together to do something as a group, they sometimes want music, but only as a background accompaniment. The family in our video plays board games together, and has keyed one of the game pieces to activate a playlist they've created for this event. The father dismisses one song he's heard too many times already that day, and one of the sons skips a song ahead in the playlist, so he can hear it sooner.

Cornwell . Su . Treichler . IID 2006 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University

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