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Shopping 02


02 Shopping

Products for Children

To understand the products currently on the market for children, both music players and other devices, we visited a Toys R Us store and a Best Buy.

A variety of music players targeted at young children already exist. However most of them are simple and brightly colored, and would probably not appeal to an adult to use as their primary music playing device.

We also looked at other toys in the store, to gain an understanding of the types of interactions would could expect of a child as young as four years old. Most of the products features vibrant colors, large interaction devices, and simple interfaces.


Products for Adults

In stark contrast to the products marketed towards children, devices for adults tend to be small, sleek, and monochrome. Shiny surfaces are common, as are brushed metal components. Interactors are almost universally small and subtly labeled. While some feature simple interfaces, others are veritably covered in buttons, switches, and dials.



"Parents don't want children's products, and children can't use their parents' products"

Cornwell . Su . Treichler . IID 2006 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University

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