Research Synthesis Design Solution


01 Overview

While designing PlayPad, we focused on iterative design methods to refine our concepts and visual language. The needs expressed by our subjects were the basis for our design ideas, and the constraints for them as well. There were three major facets of the interface that we iterated upon: the background, the interactions, and the feedback.


We felt that the background should be interesting, but not distracting. The PlayPad is not intended to be the center of attention, but rather to support other activities. The background must be colorful enough for children, yet subdued enough for adults.


Balancing the simplistic interactions for children with the detailed interactions for adults meant at least two styles of interaction. The size of the screen on the smaller devices also constrained the amount of interaction detail that would be visible on the screen at any given time.


The PlayPad must indicate both its status and the current music to users. Rather than a typical list format, we wanted to create a more interactive and visual display to both engage adults and be usable by children.



Cornwell . Su . Treichler . IID 2006 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University

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