Research Synthesis Design Solution


01 Synthesis Overview

Having learned about our users' cooking process and the way a recipe search occurs in the physical world, we had to consolidate this information using a variety of techniques, which would inform our design. From the research, we identified our target user group and extracted key themes about them. We collapsed what we learned from our four directed storytelling sessions into two cohesive and compelling personas. Finally, we documented the existing processes that our personas would use when attempting to prepare a dish that they had never done before.

We performed this synthesis in four stages:

  • Refining our initial target user group to one that was validated by our research data
  • Creating a mood board which captured the key themes, aspirations, and direction of our target users
  • Creating realistic personas with tangible goals that could be designed for
  • Captured the mental models of our personas when cooking a new dish

IID.2006 - Project 3
IID 2006 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University

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